BHA 9220

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The BHA 9220 is a linearly polarised broadband antenna which is ideal for many applications particularly EMC/RF measurements. It can be used for both receiving and transmitting. A precision ‘N’ connector is used to provide low VSWR and high power handling capability. The mounting bracket allows adjustment for vertical and horizontal polarisations, and has a standard camera thread (1/4” X 20) hole that allows fi tting to many support structures including all Teseq tripods (note Teseq adapters may be required). The precision design is rugged and corrosion resistant. However, as with any precision instrument, care should be taken when using the BHA 9220. Parameter Value Frequency range 0.2 to 2 GHz Typical gain 5 to 9 dBi Impedance (nominal) 50 Ω Maximum continuous power 200 W Cross polarisation 20 dB minimum